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Using our digital platform, you can reduce absenteeism, by sharing your existing workforce.

Connect to new horizons

Retailers trust Laponi

Laponi is used daily by managers, each stores HR department or at the HR corporate level. All via a single network.

Satisfying customers

"Laponi allows us to benefit from our existing trained staff. Especially when an employee calls in sick at the last-minute. The platform enables us to increase customer satisfaction and productivity while offering a modern solution for our employees. Workers who want to work an extra shift can, whenever they want.

— Frank Chastanet, Sales Director, Bio c' Bon

Laponi adds value

Optimize temp agency costs

Reduce temp and overtime costs by leveraging your existing and internally trained workforce.

Enhance the in-store customer experience

Limit product unavailability on shelves, decrease wait time at checkout and improve your staff availability for a better customer loyalty.

Improve the employer brand

Attract the best candidates and engage employees by offering them customized assignments.

Laponi, a solution that adapts to every need

The Laponi team is always by your side

A pool of part-time employees

Giving managers the opportunity to leverage willing employees who want to work extra time. 

A pool of former fixed-term employees

Reduce recruitment and training costs, and free up valuable HR time.

A pool of full-time employees

Allocate resources to the right location at the right time.


Laponi received both the  Coup de coeur du jury and Rookie Of The Year

awards at the 2018 Paris Retail Week