Who are we?

The WHY of Laponi

Every morning sales directors,  managers and store employees start their day, knowing that they face the uphill challenge of reinventing retail. For most managers, it is employee staffing and scheduling that create the biggest daily headaches. That is...until now.

When absenteeism happens? How does a company ensure that a replacement employee knows the product, the store and the internal operation?


By using the staff from other stores in the network. The staff that already exists and is eager for an extra shift.

The trick is utilizing your existing pool of trained and skilled workforce, and getting the right replacement employee to the right store at the right time.  Shifting away from the challenges and urgency of worker scheduling by finding the right "fill-in" employee fast and easy.

A news day is dawning for human resource management and at Laponi we are here to support you in this paradigm shift. And proving once and for all that individual well-being serves the team.

The vision of Laponi

"Connect individual well-being with team success"

Laponi values



Empower people with confidence



Be frank and constructive and in return accept feedback



Listening to and understanding each other makes it easier to communicate with teams



Pushing yourself to the limit to get results. Challenge are our daily bread and butter and we are united to reach our goals