Our use cases

Laponi's commitments

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Optimise your HR teams' time

HR time is precious. Free it from finding last minute and often poorly engaged and trained backup employees.


Allow HRs to devote their time to higher value-adding tasks.

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Boost your employer brand

Offer in-store staff the opportunity to voluntarily improve their income on their schedule at their pace and change work locations with more flexibility.

Ensure operational excellence

Staff who knows your company, arrive with their badge, outfit and step on site productive and ready to work

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Save on temp agencies and training

Reduce product unavalability on shelves, wait time at checkout and improve customer loyalty with fully staffed trained teams. 

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Laponi in use

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Part-time employee sharing

200 shifts assigned monthly

200  registered employees in 64 participating stores

50% saving on temp agency costs

Increased customer satisfaction

Productivity gains across all stores

Brand improvement

Former fixed-term employees

50 fixed-term contracts signed monthly

95 engaged former fixed-term employees in the pool

50% reduction in HR recruitment time for short term hires

Reinforcement of in-store teams